Wastewater Services We Provide
Sterling Environmental Engineering (SEE) prides itself in providing a complete operational
experience that is needed to manage and maintain your wastewater facility in an efficient
and cost-effective manner.

Our wastewater service can be as simple as collecting required samples and tabulating
influent flow to managing your entire wastewater facility.

The following is a list of services that we can provide for your wastewater
Certified & licensed in the Operation, Maintenance, and Management of Public and
Private Wastewater (Domestic & Industrial) systems of any size or type. We
specialize in Pond Systems, Sequential Batch Reactors (SBR's), Secondary
Treatment, Tertiary Treatment, and several types of land Application, including
application of recycled water.
Consultations and Inspections, including Compliance and Regulatory Issues.
Full service troubleshooting. Including Intrusion & Infiltration (I&I) in the collection
Extensive reporting to Regulatory Agencies, including Operational, Routine, Process
control, Etc.
Produce and implement of Emergency Plans, Safety Manuals, and Operational &
Maintenance (O&M) Plans.
On-site, Field, and Off-site Sampling. Sterling has the ability to conduct certain
wastewater analysis on-site and in the field. We also contract an ELAP accredited
laboratory to provide analysis that we currently are not certified to perform.
Complete training for your staff. Sterling can come in to train your staff, provide the
required certification, and to lead your staff to take the proper steps to become a
certified operator.
Sterling can provide thorough in-house Inspection Reports and assist with helping
your system budget annually and for Capitol Items.
Please do not hesitate to inquire about any of these items. Sterling may offer additional
services that you may have a need for.
Wastewater O & M
Pond Aeration
On & Off Site
Laboratory Analysis