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Water Services We Provide
Sterling Environmental Engineering provides a complete envelope of water related services.
We strive to offer efficient and safe practices for all you water needs.

Our water service ranges from collecting water samples from a well located on a prospective
buyer's property for a Real Estate Agency to full "turn-key" operations of you entire water
system, including design, management, operation, maintenance, including water meter
reading and billing.

Let us control your system in a safe, compliant, and efficient manner, so you don't have to.

The following is a list of services that we provide for your water system:
Certified and Licensed in the Operation, Maintenance, and Management
of Public and Private Water Systems of any size or type. We have
extensive background in Well, Surface Water, and Distribution Systems.
 Provide Water System Consultation and Inspections, Including
Compliance and Regulatory Issues.
Troubleshoot Issues Including Treatment, Pumping, Flow Calibration,
Operations and Maintenance in the Treatment of Nitrate, Arsenic, Iron
and Manganese Removal.
Extensive Reporting to Regulatory Agencies, Including Routine Reports,
Annual Reports, and Consumer Confidence Reports.
Production and Implementation of Emergency Plans, Operational &
Management Plans (O&M), Monitoring Plans, and Safety Manuals.
Provide Complete Cross-Connection Surveys, Including Backflow
Preventer Testing & Certification.
Complete permitting for new and existing systems. Including Tecnical,
Managerial, & Financial (TMF) Reports.
Disinfection of Wells and Industrial Plumbing, including System
Flushing, Testing, and Reporting.
Complete Meter Readings and Billing Services, Including Accounting for
Small and Large Water Systems.
Sampling, Inspecting, and Reporting for Real Estate Purchases and
Turn Key Licensed Engineering Services, including Design, build, and
Operate for existing and New Systems.
Sterling enjoys a great relationship with professional contractors such as electricians,
plumbers, laboratory personnel, and engineers.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves with our relationship with our clients.

Please contact us with any questions about services that we look forward to providing you